..............portrait of the amazing Scottish comedian actor and writer Norman Maclean completed................

A very warm welcome!

And haste ye back!





detail of painting_1_5

As a Christian I often feel that I should be doing more to glorify God in my art and have gradually come round to acknowledging the beauty of Gods creation in the landscape, people and wildlife. I feel that it is my duty to try and capture this through painting directly from the subject in front of me - not a slavish copy but an emotional response.

I am well aware of my rich painterly heratage from Raeburn, the Glasgow boys and the Scottish Colourists, and individual artists such as Stanley Cursiter, Alexander Goudie and fellow Invergordon artist Robert Brough, and internationaly renowned John Constable, J S Sargent, De Laszlo, and the greatest artist of all Rembrandt.

working through the application of paint with brush, palette knife - and more increasingly with my fingers tapping and moving the paints plasticity - but always from life.

The painting opposite is of Cullen beach, 36"x36".



I have, over the years, been commissioned by various private collectors, and I do like a challenge! - from such subjects as large-scale graffiti in a nightclub, the re-creation of a Hall of Ossian, to a six-foot Tina Turner for a fairground.  I often feel commissioned work leads me to exciting projects which I would not normally embark upon.

The photo on the right is of me painting "Big splash at the rockpool" on my home made easel.

me painting big splash_1

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